Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to change all of my link codes now with this new system?
    • Absolutely not. Your existing link codes all still work just fine. We didn't switch processors or the way they work..
  2. How do I see my Stats?
    • You need to login to the 3rd Party Processor, CCBill or Epoch to see them.
  3. When are my payouts sent? How much is the minimum payout?
    • ATKCash.com does not issue checks itself, therefore payouts and payments are dependant on CCBill and Epoch's systems. For more information, please login to the processor you use and inquire within.
  4. What happens if I remove my CCBill or Epoch ID from the ATKCash system?
    • Our new system puts your code into the link for you so you have an accurate link code. If you remove it and use the link without it, you will not get credit for your join.
  5. I've forgotten my password. Can I retrieve it or should I email you?